Art direction: Alex Libotte
David Ryle 
Will Foxwell
Redwood Content
Volvo Cars

We commissioned photographer David Ryle to undertake this adventure with us. David has a unique eye for photographing cars. He is able to capture images which single out and highlight his subjects and yet feel somewhat documentary at the same time. I wanted to distance myself from classic automotive photography and David did an amazing job to find the right balance between the "road trip" character I was after and still meeting the requirements and guidelines of the client in regards to the presentation of their product.
a r t w o r k s
The artworks had to be coordinated in advance with us as well, so I provided each one of the artists with some guidance in regards to the brand, still leaving enough space for their individual interpretation. Metulczki (left) in Leipzig for example, worked with a media mix of photography and oil painting. His piece "Ladenfront" (engl.: shop window) represents the former German Democratic Republic, while the future, in form of the XC60, is reflected in the shop window. The three-dimensional artwork of the astronaut hovering over a city and the car (right), was created by Lugano based street artists Nevercrew
i n t e r v i e w  
Have a look behind the scenes in this little documentation of our last stop in Switzerland, featuring our encounter with artist duo Nevercrew and the creation of their street art work.
a p p     a n d      m a g a z i n e      

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