Human Motivations Framework, short HMF,  is a global Coca-Cola tool, which investigates the top 9 human motivations for consumption. It is based on research, which is done every 5 years and guides the company's brand strategy. We were invited to create an experience in order to present the results of said research in a tangible way to the company. 
We were inspired by the unique art of Michael Johansson, who researches in materiality and creates beautiful complex sculptures and structures with carefully selected objects. Our main objective for the project was to humanize  data and transform it into a sensory and interactive, real-life infographic.
We had to gain a deep understanding of the subject. After thoroughly studying the data we entered a phase of experimentation and design tests with materials and objects seeking insights for the representation of the different human motivations. 
The result was a unique scenographic universe, materializing sensations and feelings, a fully interactive exhibit where company employees were invited to an immersive experience with each of the 9 human motivations. 

i n s p i r a t i o n  
Michael Johansson / Vertical Transition in Blue, 2013. Blue bags, boxes and ordinary items.Dimensions: 0.84 x 0.36 x 0.36 m. 
The core of the project being the exhibit and ambient design of the space, we also developed the internal activation campaign announcing the experience. The activation started 9 weeks before the event, each week being inspired by each motivation for which we created an iconic visual identity system, produced video teasers for elevators and installed changing adhesives and decorative items throughout the building. Even the menu in the company restaurant was thematically organized and inspired by each of the motivations.
v i d e o    c a s e  - here you can watch the documentation of the whole project:
c r e d i t s 
Creative and art direction: Alex Libotte
Creative Director: Marcio Mota
Design visual identity: Patricia Clarkson
Design: Gabriel Fernandes, Estefan Richter, Marcela Scheid
3D: Pedro Veneziano
Video editing: Heitor Gois
Production: Danielle Cavallon e Clara Mangabeira
Project coordinator: Vivi Kano

Copy: Tatiana Rossi
Agency: Pharus
Client: The Coca-Cola Company
b r a s i l     d e s i g n     a w a r d     2 0 1 8
Winner of Gold and Grand Prix in the ambient design category.

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