Art Direction: Alex Libotte
Design: Gabriel Fernandes, Estefan Richter
Design direction: Marcio Mota, Cris Inoue

Agency: Pharus
Client: L'Occitane en Brésil

One of the most important aspects of working with process oriented and experimental design, is getting away from the screen as much as possible in the beginning of a project. Working manually and experimentally, with room for failure to create new and unique visual references for a project. These then serve as the base for working on the computer later on. In this project for example, we created brushes made of roots and leaves, looked at shadows and played with ink. We discovered that the shape roots have, can be found in various areas of nature. The network of our blood vessels, lightnings and rivers which, viewed from above, are reminiscent of the shape of the root. With these insights and rough graphics from our experimentation we set out to design.

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