Art Direction: Alex Libotte
Photography: Alex Libotte
Set & styling: Greta Cuneo
Retouching: RawPlus Image
Agency: Pharus
Creative direction: Marcio Mota
Design direction: Cris Inoue
Designers: Pedro Mattos, Marcela Scheid
Client: Natura Cosmetics 
Client creative consultant: Nino Alexandre

As part of the rebranding process, Pharus investigated through research and creative collectives in true and more genuine ways of how the brand could connect with it’s customers. One of the main visual elements underlining Chronos' point of sale, is the use of copper. Copper applications are used throughout all brand communication representing the aging process, as the material itself also transforms throughout time, changing its appearance and aging in beautiful ways. 
In the campaign we created as part of the relaunch, the use of copper also represents the fortification of natural extracts.

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