Art direction: Alex Libotte 
Photography: Marcio Simnch
Agency: Pharus
Client: Nike

In response to the challenge of providing the Nike Board with an unconventional overview of one of their markets, we presented the Nike Brasil executives with a photographic exhibit. Predominantly analogue photography, touchable, rough and genuine, a deep insight into subcultures. The Brazilian urban life, for example, represented by the insight into nocturnal breakdance battles on the streets of São Paulo or the above-average body and running culture in Rio de Janeiro. The opposite of another, polished keynote - an experience.
p h o t o g r a p h y
Together with Nike, we decided to collaborate with the portrait and fine art photographer Marcio Simnch.
Marcio mainly works with analogue cameras, be it 4x5 format, medium format or the classic 'peel apart' polaroids.
He also has an impressive way of capturing urban life, depicting urban textures and documenting youth culture. These were the decisive arguments for me to trust him with this project.

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