c r e d i t s 
Creative and art direction: Alex Libotte
Creative Directors: Marcio Mota, Cris Inoue
Project coordinator: Vivi Kano
Design: Pedro Mattos, Carol Ohashi, Filipi Filippo, Lucas Blat 
Editor: Tatiana Rossi
Agency: Pharus & R/GA
Client: Google (YouTube)
iF     d e s i g n     a w a r d     2 0 1 8
Winner in the editorial design category.

One of the challenges in this project was to bring elements from the online platform and it's digital character into the quite linear structure of a book. We developed a book project that reflects the experiences of the platform. All content for example is independently readable. The posters for example, when pulled out of the book (see above) display an analog animation. Moving the poster will let the loading animation begin to move, just like waiting for the video to start.

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